Omid Tahmasebi Nia (born June 21, 1992), known by his stage name Sogmad (Means God in Sanskrit language & Mystical journey) is a persian hiphop lyricist, singer, producer & manager. He was born & rised in east of tehran capital city of iran.  In 2010, Sogmad started his professional work by joining to mafakhercrew as a singer & founding Jadoo Music record label with phoenix as a artist manager.

Sogmad was recorded 16’s single track, 14’s track on 2 studio album (Efshaa & Shekaaf) & managed over than 60’s hiphop project under label of jadoo music. After 6 years he separated from his own label & mafakhercrew on last month of 2016 & continue work as a single artist.

On 2010 he recorded 2 studio album first Efshaa then Shekaaf & released both of them on 2011. He had featuring with Nimosh, Ashk-un, Mafakhercrew & Boomrang till now.